Announcement: We've rebranded ourselves from Metis Labs Inc. to Stellic Inc.


Empower Students.

We started this journey because we saw the need to funnel our energy as students into building student empowering tools. We work each day with a single purpose: To provide an empowering experience to students and get them ready for the careers they love.

Our Story

Stellic (previously known as Metis) was founded by Carnegie Mellon undergraduates after getting frustrated by the clunky, complicated tools they were given to plan their academic journey. Under the mentorship of university advisors who were equally frustrated with the existing degree planning process, the team pursued their goal of building a planner with intelligence and interation. The project received appreciation from the campus community and won Research Awards – convincing the team to build a company with a purpose to provide student-built tools to universities worldwide.

The most valuable asset at Stellic is its team. The three founders come from three different background, speak seven languages, and bring in a wide variety of skillsets. The team just graduated from their college and understands students behavior, their challenges and motivations better than most. Stellic’ purpose is to use this understanding to craft impactful tools that maximize students’ chance of after-college success. And we’re doing this under the mentorship of some of the best, experienced advisors in this space.

The team

Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon

Sabih Bin Wasi

founder, ceo

Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon

Rukhsar Neyaz

cofounder, frontend

Information Systems

Carnegie Mellon

Jiyda Moussa

cofounder, backend

Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon

Musab Popatia

scalability lead


Mark Stehlik

associate dean, carnegie mellon

board member

Maher Hakim

managing director, qstp

board member

Ethan Prater

board member, the wharton school

Ravi Belani

faculty, stanford

Thomas Black

university registrar, Johns Hopkins



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Education City, Doha

Innovation Centre, QSTP, Al-Rayyan, Doha 210011

Located in the modern Middle Eastern city of Doha, Education City is home to 6 top-tier world universities. The startup culture here is still in its infancy and we get heart-warming support and love for taking the entrepreneurial path.

PARC, Palo Alto

3333 Coyote Hill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94043

Home to world-changing innovations (like the GUI and ethernet), PARC (Palo Alto Research Centre) is a historic workspace. It’s inspiring to be in the heart of Silicon Valley, amongst the upcoming innovators.

Qatar-based Metis is all about empowering students


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