CSUN chooses Stellic’s degree management solution as part of their 2025 Graduation Initiative

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) is committed to improving the student experience, with a particular emphasis on managing pathways to graduation. As a central feature of this strategic focus, CSUN has partnered with Stellic to provide an end-to-end degree management system for their staff and students. Stellic will support CSUN students with guided degree planning, while administrators will leverage that information to proactively identify and support students from within a single platform.

Supporting on-time graduation with guided pathways

The collaboration between Stellic and CSUN aligns with several larger initiatives prioritized on campus this year, including a 2025 Graduation Initiative known as “Matadors Rising.” This initiative aims to increase graduation rates for all CSUN students while eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to graduate in a timely manner according to their personal goals. Stellic is one platform CSUN is employing to ensure that all students have the tools they need to graduate on time.

Centralizing the student experience

With Stellic, CSUN will bring together all academic elements, including registration, course catalog, requirements, degree tracking, pathways, and career goals, to give students one place where they can access their full, holistic journey. Rather than check boxes and spreadsheet-style plans of study, Stellic will provide guided pathways that recommend optimized sequences personalized to a student’s interests and goals. 

In the past, CSUN students had to log into multiple tools to complete their planning processes and track degree progression. CSUN is looking to use Stellic to modernize and centralize those processes and to reduce system fatigue. 

Student-centered course scheduling

CSUN is hoping to capitalize on Stellic’s 85% average adoption rates to provide staff and faculty with more accurate data. While CSUN will leverage Stellic data for better information about course demand, perhaps most importantly, Stellic will be used to move the needle on student success. Stellic offers a simple design for administrators to identify students who fall into different buckets, such as students with a GPA below 2.5 or students with a specific range of requirements remaining. 

Looking forward

In the future, Stellic will also help with a new approach to enrollment management at CSUN, where prospective students can visualize their pathways before they even enroll in any courses. This could be transformative in helping prospective students make choices on CSUN’s academic programs. Additionally, this will allow transfer students to understand the impact of their completed requirements on their path towards graduation should they choose to attend CSUN.

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