Colby College modernizes degree audit and increases visibility across departments through Stellic

Looking for a way to improve progress tracking across campus, Colby College has turned to Stellic to provide greater visibility across departments, eliminate tracking errors, and ensure timely degree completion for all students. With 38 programs offered at Colby, a primary goal driving their decision to partner with Stellic was to provide one system that would help staff, faculty advisors, and students maintain shared visibility into past, present, and future academic progress.

Moving forward, Colby will have instant access to a real-time degree audit that keeps track of all degree requirements and co-curricular milestones in one place. From there, the Registrar’s Office will streamline processes such as degree clearance through instant reporting on specific student segments. This will allow them to quickly identify students who have completed their requirements, as well as those who may have unplanned requirements remaining. 

Standing as the 12th oldest liberal arts institution in the US, Colby empowers students through educational exploration and flexibility. In the future, Colby will have the option to provide further capabilities for students to explore programs that align closely with their interests and prior accomplishments, and allow them to run what-if scenarios to compare their progress against certain programs before they officially declare their major. Through Stellic, the Registrar's Office and other key departments will have full visibility into all exceptions and substitutions, maintain a shared view of student progress, and can communicate with students directly within the platform on their upcoming plans, reinforcing a collaborative effort to keep students on track towards success.

With modern technology and the guidance from institutional staff at their fingertips, students at Colby will have the confidence in their academic plan to take ownership of their undergraduate experience, while faculty advisors and the Registrar’s Office can track students’ progress with ease, making space for meaningful conversations about what matters most to students.

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