Northern Seminary promotes student agency and scales advising support

Northern Seminary has partnered with Stellic to scale student support and empower students in owning their degree planning process. Students, advisors, and leadership will leverage one platform to stay informed on student progress, boost advisor efficiency, and maximize institutional resources to best serve the ever-changing needs of their student body.

Northern Seminary is fully invested in the student experience and has long provided students with a cutting-edge learning environment. They recognized the importance of empowering students in all aspects of their academic journey, so the decision to partner with Stellic is one that will allow students to take ownership of their pathway through comprehensive degree plans that adapt to their personal choices, preferences, and life circumstances while keeping them informed of key requirements along the way.

As they anticipate the growth of their programs and student population, Northern Seminary will leverage real-time progress tracking, allowing greater visibility into student progress at any given time. Sharing the same interface as students, advisors will be able to review and make adjustments to student plans, collaborate with them to build an optimal path to success, and provide meaningful guidance at scale.

Through seamless collaboration between students and advisors, Northern Seminary will reaffirm their commitment to actively listening and adapting to the diverse needs of their students. Moving forward with student-facing degree management technology will ensure all students feel fully empowered in owning their journey towards success.

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