Washington Adventist University continues to put students first with new tools for student & advisor collaboration

With the goal of providing students with best-in-class experiences, Washington Adventist University adopts Stellic for student-advisor collaboration on student pathways.

“One of the objectives that is fundamental to Vision 2030 -- 100% graduation rate -- is having a shared student progression/advising resource that can be proactive and accessible to faculty and staff holistically for that student affirmation.” - Cheryl Kisunzu, Provost, Washington Adventist University

With Stellic, WAU students will have one comprehensive digital tool to plan their pathway to completion, track their progress and communicate with their advisor. For WAU advisors, Stellic will be a dashboard tool that provides a full picture of advisees and their progress, enabling them to proactively identify students who will benefit from additional support. Stellic will also become a key tool in the Registrar’s Office to enhance access to reporting, analytics, and communication across the institution.

WAU chose Stellic to optimize student journeys because of the platform’s ability to provide a centralized source of truth for multiple departments. Also, with its modern interface, institutions like WAU have the ability to leverage data in a highly consumable manner for both students and staff, without significant resources. Providing these tools which include a degree planner, proactive alerts, pathway templates and progress tracking, will help WAU achieve their strategic initiatives around retention and student success. 

“At Stellic, we admire WAU’s commitment to empowering their students and are excited to help fulfill their vision of providing valuable pathways that ensure success for each and every student on their way to graduation and beyond.” - Sabih Bin Wasi, Co-Founder & CEO, Stellic

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