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Modern Degree Management. Empowered Students. Better Outcomes.

Modern Degree Management. Empowered Students. Better Outcomes.

When students are given the right tools, the whole campus benefits. Schools who use Stellic see up to an 8x increase in student engagement on their degree plans within the first year, delivering incredible insights to advisors, administrators and leadership, who in turn make better decisions for student success.

Stellic is on a mission to help universities ensure all students get the most value out of their increasingly diverse academic journeys with next generation tools that meet the needs of today's students and campus leaders.

We help institutions worldwide deliver exceptional student experiences

We help institutions worldwide deliver exceptional student experiences

10 Million+
Degree planning activities
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Our Story

Stellic was founded by Carnegie Mellon University undergraduates who believed there was a better way to ensure they got the most value out of their academic journeys and desired a solution that would allow them to chart their path to academic and career success.

Side-by-side with CMU academic advisors, who were also frustrated with the existing degree planning process and overwhelmed with their load, the Stellic team was created to build an integrated platform to help students get the most out of school, help advisors provide strategic guidance, and help leadership drive student success.

Our expertise comes from two things: (1) a diverse set of ideas and (2) close connections with universities. The three founders, all Carnegie Mellon graduates, come from different backgrounds, speak seven languages, and bring a diverse skill-set. In addition, everyone we hire must bring a unique perspective from a unique background. The Stellic team have spent years building relationships and listening to academic leaders and their challenges, including a road trip visiting campuses across the country. Now, we are serving a number of leading institutions with the same passion that fueled the start of it all.


Check out the latest insights on higher-ed, student success and campus efficiency. Our blogs, white papers and webinars have something for everyone on campus including advisors, administrators and leadership.

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