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We’ve reimagined the current tools for degree planning, progression, advising and reporting - helping students create an intentional academic path, advisors better leverage their time, and university leaders drive student success.

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Empower students to proactively manage their journey.

Through a dynamic planning system, Stellic enables students to make informed choices that help them create a more intentional path towards graduation. By giving students the information they need to visualize and experiment with their degree options, school leaders can empower students to find a personalized path towards academic and career success.


Pre-req Check Adaptive Course Search Career Templates Elective Placeholders Semester Planning Integrated Calendar


Improve on-time graduation rates.

Through an interactive auditing process, education leaders can more easily track student progress, see trends, and provide support and resources to help students graduate on time and be more career-ready.


Campus-Dependent Constraints Interactive Requirement Editor Versioning Exceptions Double-Count Check User-level Permissions


Enable advisors to advise.

Through user centric platform, advisors can easily manage workflow to improve degree progress, freeing up their time to provide strategic guidance - ensuring thoughtful decisions and successful outcomes for students.


Shareable Notes Detailed student profile At-risk student alerts Powerful advisee search Advisor Templates


Monitor the data that matters.

Stellic provides University Leaders with an all on one platform to easily monitor and manage student progress, foster interdepartmental alignment, plan for demand, and allocate capacity and resources - resulting in a transparent and efficient decisions to drive student success.


Course Demands Student Performance Community Engagement

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