Dynamic degree pathways

Introducing the next-gen degree planner that helps students organize their diverse completion pathways - all while tracking course offerings and degree progress.

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Bring direction to degree completion and your students’ goals

Improve on-time graduation and retention rates

Directly engage students in their degree planning and increase their investment in their own future and success.

Fewer course mistakes and wasted credits

Ensure student plans meet degree requirements, and trigger automatic warnings and notifications if students fall off track.

Remove bottlenecks to graduation

With 90% student adoption, use student plans to optimize course offerings that ensure student satisfaction.

Build personalized, holistic pathways towards graduation

Using your SIS, catalog and degree audit systems, students can easily choose and sequence courses by dragging and dropping blocks into a plan that maps towards requirements and on-time completion.

  • Guided Pathways
  • Automated Flags and Warnings
  • AI-based Course Search

Foster personalized, effective advising

Elevate advising from basic scheduling to proactive, holistic advising that ensures student success to graduation and beyond. Benefit from an advisor safety net with alerts that notify of potential roadblocks to graduation.

  • Real-time plan collaboration
  • Messaging
  • Approvals & notifications

Enable progress visibility, semesters in advance

Take the guesswork out of planning by allowing students to continuously have visibility into their degree progress and notify students when they are at-risk of falling behind.

  • Degree progress tracker
  • Proactive notifications
  • What-if scenarios

Enable predictive institutional planning

With 90% student adoption, leaders can use real-time analytics on student plans to ensure appropriate courses and resources will be available for students when they need them. Simple reporting makes it easy for any stakeholder to make strategic decisions, no data background required.

  • Course Demand Analytics
  • Course Load Distribution
  • Requirement progress


Give students the tools they need to successfully plan their degree

Drag-and-drop builder

Adaptive course search

Prerequisites check

Guided pathways

Term-by-term planning

Course offering likelihood

Proactive alerts

Advisor review workflow

Integrated degree progress

What-if scenarios

Multiple degree plans

Integrated calendar

In-app messaging

Schedule generator

Case study

See how Carnegie Mellon University uses Stellic

Carnegie Mellon University overhauled their outdated platform with Stellic's degree software tools in order to deliver the modern, digital experiences students have come to expect.

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John Papinchak
University Registrar

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