Automate your workflows

Make the shift to paperless with automated, cloud-based workflows for all your student-centered tasks and forms

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Workflows designed to modernize your paper-based processes

One source of record

Integrate data across systems to ensure real-time, accurate data

Improve student and staff experience

Eliminate frustration from outdated, paper-based processes

Boost enrollment success

Boost efficiency and improve coordination amongst departments

Streamline all student-centered tasks and forms

Eliminate paper-based processes with automated workflows customized to your institution

  • Degree clearance
  • Exception petitions
  • Student plan reviews
  • Declaring or changing major/minor

Seamlessly collaborate across departments to serve students

Create multi-step approvals with shared visibility and improved communication across the entire campus

  • Student requests
  • Multi-step approvals
  • Real-time updates

Easily build customized workflows for your institution

Turn all of your paper-based processes, requests and approvals into automated workflows with a completely user-friendly interface

  • Visual workflow builder
  • Customizable workflow templates
  • Integrated data across systems

See workflows in action

Check out our latest webinar to see a demo of workflows and learn how your institution can automate tasks, forms and processes for streamlined operations and better student experiences.


How Paperless Approvals Can Speed Up Degree Clearance

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