Maximize your resources

Make data-backed decisions that impact your institution’s student success goals by enabling holistic, forward-looking, and most importantly, student-centered analytics.

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Make proactive, data-backed decisions. Make an impact on student success.

Ensure better student retention

Increase student success by identifying and intervening early on with those students who are less likely to persist.

Improve graduation rates

Identify missing requirements and course bottlenecks to student graduation in order to make sure every student has the opportunity for on-time graduation.

Better resource allocation

Optimize course inventory by forecasting demand and seeing how performance in certain courses affects a student’s likelihood for success.

View and Analyze Historical Trends

Use historical data to understand which factors are influencing success for specific student groups at your institution and plan for the future

  • Historical & predictive reporting
  • Course demand trends
  • Course load distribution analytics

Prioritize opportunities to help students

View, filter and compare across different student groups to Identify investment areas that can make the most difference in improving outcomes.

  • Powerful data filtering
  • Real-time updates & alerts
  • Student engagement analytics

Optimize courses and programs

Evaluate program effectiveness and identify stumbling blocks with data on courses, sections, and instructors.

  • Instructor data analytics
  • Student success reporting
  • Exception & transfer analytics


Actionable insights for all stakeholders to boost student success

Course demand analytics

Real-time filters

Student progress reporting

Engagement analytics

At-risk student reporting

Simple interface for all stakeholders

Instructor impact reporting

Exception & transfer analytics

Accreditation compliance reports

Schedule demand analytics

Real-time updates & alerts

Case study

See how Western Seminary uses Stellic

Western Seminary harnesses the strategic data they’re easily able to access in Stellic to better analyze course demand and understand student needs. Because of student engagement in degree planning, they're able to unlock exponentially valuable insights for decision-making.

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Reid Kisling
Reid Kisling
VP of Student Development &
Chief Information and Effectiveness Officer,

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