Implement Guided Pathways at Scale

Stellic is a Guided Pathways solution with the power to align your entire campus towards clear student success goals using next-gen, interactive tools for planning, progress tracking and virtual advising.

Scaleable Technology

Design and scale interactive pathway templates for students to explore and collaborate on with their advisors.

Empowered students

Provide students with Guided Pathway solutions that are proven with 90% average rates of student adoption.

Measurable strategic goals

With powerful reporting and analytics, track student progress and proactively identify students falling off track.

How it works

Stellic's Guided Pathways solution supports every pillar of your Guided Pathways initiative - with dynamic online tools for students, advisors and leadership that drive clarity and success.

1. Clarify pathways to end goals

Design program maps that show a clear pathway to completion, transfer, further education, and employment. Empower students to explore and understand the impact of their choices.

  • Guided Pathway Templates
  • Dynamic Student Planner
  • Pathway Exploration

2. Help students choose and enter pathways

Enable deeper, personalized support on degree plans with one interface for real-time student/advisor collaboration and communication. Help students visualize their goals and how to get there.

  • Real-time plan collaboration
  • Messaging
  • Approvals & notifications

3. Help students stay on track

Help students stay on track with their goals using proactive alerts when students are falling behind, and by giving students visibility into their own progress. Set clear goals and pathways to achieving them.

  • Flags & early alerts
  • Visual, real-time progress tracker
  • Advanced student filters & saved reports

4. Ensure students are learning

Create pathways that articulate how academic and non-academic learning opportunities fit together to build skill sets for particular careers. Enable students to explore courses and pathways based on interest and skill and build personalized pathways that work for their unique goals.

  • Course & non-course requirement tracking
  • What-if scenarios
  • Multiple degree plans

Case study

See how Red Deer College uses Stellic's Guided Pathways solution

Red Deer College empowered their students with complete access and visibility into their progress with online degree planning and tracking. Learn how they are seeing major improvements in student experience and engagement with dynamic tools that speak to the modern student.

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Jennifer Thomas
Associate Registrar, Red Deer College

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