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“I would describe Stellic as your roadmap, tool box, organizer, and task manager. If you ever feel anxious or feel that something’s not right, you can always go and look back on it and be on track.”



Awino is a rising junior at Hartwick College pursuing a degree in political science and psychology, with a minor in creative writing and environmental studies. She is deeply embedded in the Hartwick community -- involved in International club, vice president of Africa student association, president of student government, honors program, and a tour guide -- an exceptionally time consuming lineup of duties. To be able to manage her heavy workload, Awino emphasized that planning ahead for her is a must. 

With her previous academic planning process, she would have six different tabs open at once simply to construct a schedule that didn’t conflict and filled requirements. Awino expressed feelings of cognitive dissonance with the academic planning process because the amount of effort required to register, compared to the (sometimes) unfavorable course schedule didn’t make sense. In her words: “The risk of dropping out or being unsatisfied with your college education is very real if you don't do the academic planning properly…If somebody is going to painstakingly register for their classes and find out that they can’t even take that class, it is counterintuitive to what we are trying to do, which is to provide an education in the least stressful manner.” 

Awino wanted a degree management system that was intuitive, visually appealing, and showed her requirements & progress. Hartwick’s implementation of Stellic is “a whole new game,” and she believes the platform will transform the planning & advising experience by empowering students to take control of their academic goals -- “I would describe it as your roadmap, tool box, organizer, and task manager.” Awino wholly endorses Stellic’s platform and hopes her peers also recognize the value it will bring to their college success.

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Through a seamless, personalized digital degree planning experience that resonates with today's students, Stellic drives industry-leading student adoption and engagement that delivers incredible data and insights to advisors, administrators and leadership.

One-stop-shop for degree management
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Mobile and desktop app

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