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Colorado College

“I definitely thought it was a good decision for Colorado College to move towards something like Stellic. The nature of the block plan itself makes organizing and scheduling classes pretty difficult, so having an interactive platform to use made it easier for me."



Deksyos is a rising senior at Colorado College pursuing an international political economy degree. He is very involved on campus as student body president, an admissions fellow, and the speech & debate team -- all activities of which make planning ahead a necessity. Deksysos had the ambitious goal of graduating in three years, obligating him to plan his second and third years as a new college student. 

While he ultimately decided against doing so, Deksyos is grateful for the disciplined planning skills he learned. Such a strict academic & co-curricular schedule made it doubly as challenging for him to find fitting courses that both fit a time constraint, and were interesting: “it felt like I was always sacrificing one thing for another”. Availability of relevant courses was Deksyos’ biggest obstacle in the academic planning process. Accordingly, he enjoyed “Stellic’s suggested courses… it made the academic planning process a little more like a social media platform.” The suggested course feature is a backup resource when his original plan falls through and he wants to search for a similar option. 

Deksyos has taken full advantage of Stellic to explore interests, plan semesters ahead, and collaborate with his academic advisors. He recalls that after using Stellic for a semester, the time he spent with his academic advisor was occupied by conversations about “career paths, the future, and what made sense for me from a professional standpoint,” as opposed to course planning logistics. For someone with limited time, making space for meaningful conversations about his future has strengthened Deksyos’ confidence in his academic & career plan; now, reassurance from his academic advisors is just a bonus.

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