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Hartwick College

"From the perspective of somebody who’s on the executive board, I am a lot more aware of the school's investments and I think Stellic was really a smart one.”



Jade is a rising sophomore at Hartwick College pursuing a degree in chemistry and public health, on the pre-med track. She is involved in many co-curricular activities as a student athlete and vice president of the student government executive board. A rigorous course lineup and aspirations to go to medical school require her to have a solid academic plan. She has always been “a big planner,” but felt limited to only planning for the short term with her own planning method. With Stellic, the intuitive design and ability to see courses & requirements laid out has driven Jade to “plan out my years way in advance”. 

Her academic advising experience has similarly been transformed. Feeling empowered to plan her semesters ahead of time, she now utilizes her academic advising time for degree reassurance instead of planning. Possessing a sense of readiness for the future, Jade is glad to have one less life stressor, explaining that, “I think Stellic has made the whole process of college more direct. Knowing that these are the classes I plan to take or have space for has just made it easier to be a college student”. The impact of a degree management system on college students’ success may seem small, but Jade believes that Stellic will be invaluable for the insight and structure it provides its users -- especially when each & every student has such different life circumstances to plan around.

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Through a seamless, personalized digital degree planning experience that resonates with today's students, Stellic drives industry-leading student adoption and engagement that delivers incredible data and insights to advisors, administrators and leadership.

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Mobile and desktop app

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