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Red Deer Polytechnic

“Where has this been my whole life? It does all that work I would’ve done with highlighters and pens and color coding for me. You know what your own learning style is and you can tailor Stellic to that.”



Shannon is a veteran student at Red Deer Polytechnic, having studied there for eight years, currently pursuing a degree in justice studies. She previously graduated from Red Deer Polytechnic with a Bachelor of Business, but has returned with alternative career aspirations. Shannon has experienced more higher ed schooling than most typical students ever will, and she shares her experience by advocating for her peers as vice president academic for the students association.

Unsurprisingly, her journey with academic planning has changed drastically over the years. Originally, Shannon’s academic planning system consisted of “highlighters, pens, and color coding” all on-paper, with websites open for course descriptions and registration. For her, academic planning is invaluable to a student’s success because it acts as a measure of their academic accomplishments -- “now with Stellic, I actually have something to show for my academic progress instead of just a pile of books” -- leaving her questioning “where has this been my whole life?”. 

Shannon identifies Stellic as a tool that streamlines the academic planning and registration process, with an ease-of-use that will help younger students navigate the process earlier in their college career: she reports that “a lot of times, if things aren’t easy to understand, they can be frustrating and create a barrier to academic support”. If her academic planning experience could be further improved, she would like to be able to register for courses from her planner view

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Through a seamless, personalized digital degree planning experience that resonates with today's students, Stellic drives industry-leading student adoption and engagement that delivers incredible data and insights to advisors, administrators and leadership.

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Mobile and desktop app

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