Dominican University enables students to chart their own journey with Stellic

Dominican University has chosen Stellic as its new degree audit and advising platform to empower students to take ownership of their college journey. By unifying and sharing data across the campus, Dominican students can design their own learning plans with confidence, knowing their advisors will offer individualized, proactive guidance when they need it most.

Located just outside of Chicago, Dominican University prides itself on providing the tools and knowledge that its students, many of whom are first-generation and coming from underserved communities, need to graduate on time and with purpose. But sustaining this level of excellence has become increasingly important as Dominican’s student population continues to expand.

“It’s that continual responsiveness to student populations - both those it is seeking and those that it is trying to retain - that sets Dominican apart.” - Barrington Price, Vice President of Student Success and Engagement, Dominican University

So the University turned to Stellic, using its core features to elevate its advising approach, facilitate an intuitive scheduling and registration process, and help the Registrar’s Office offer the right classes at the right times.

Stellic will bring transparency and clarity to degree requirements, getting Dominican students more involved in their college journey, allowing them to pick courses with work commitments and targeted graduation dates in mind.

Throughout their journey, students will visualize their degree progress and be alerted to unmet requirements while they still have time to adjust. What's more, Stellic will allow students to conceptualize how their completed requirements would map to other programs, enabling students to pursue a minor and helping transfer students maximize their prior course credits.

Within the platform, students can communicate with advisors through course-level notes, plan review requests, or in-app messaging, promoting engagement and fostering a more cohesive advising experience.

Bringing together data from multiple sources will also give advisors an overall view of the student's academic experience, including notes from other advisors, remaining requirements, grades, and course plans. Splicing this information as they see fit, advisors can proactively identify students who may need additional guidance, and point them to the appropriate channels for support.

"What is the key? It's responsiveness. It's understanding who the students are, developing those relationships, and asking them on a consistent basis: 'How are you? What's going on? How can we help?' The more you do that, the more feedback you get, the quicker the response, and the more refined the intervention can be — to get ahead of their issues." - Barrington Price, Vice President of Student Success and Engagement

For the Registrar’s Office, the data from students’ prospective plans allows them to better forecast course demand, ensuring that students can take the courses they want and need to graduate, and offering classes at times that accommodate students’ lives outside the classroom.

Embracing an end-to-end solution like Stellic empowers students to customize their college experience and gives advisors the 360-degree view they need to offer proactive guidance, setting the stage for growth and setting Dominican apart.

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