Ball State University transforms the academic planning experience from start to finish

Ball State University has chosen Stellic to transform the way students engage with their academic planning, scheduling, and registration. Meanwhile, advisors will be equipped to offer more proactive and tailored help, and the Registrar’s Office will be able to leverage planning data to inform where to allot differences resources.

Ball State University has earned recognition for its student experience and ability to positively impact social mobility for learners across Indiana. To further refine the student experience, the University saw Stellic as a way to unify several key aspects of the student's journey to graduation, specifically around degree planning, tracking, and registration.

In the future, Ball State students will be able to easily visualize and personalize their pathway to graduation, while keeping in step with their various requirements.  The platform will give students the opportunity to explore other potential pathways, and track how their current progress would count elsewhere. 

Stellic's planner will notify students if they've satisfied prerequisites, communicate trends about course offerings, and caution students when courses in their plan don’t help them make progress. From there, Ball State students will be able to construct their class schedule for an upcoming semester around their time commitments and preferences – and then register – all directly from the tool. 

Advisors and administrators will be able to leverage Stellic to deepen their support and allocate campus resources.  Filtering their students based on criteria such as missing academic requirements or planning activity, advisors will be able to jump in as soon as a student veers off-track. Meanwhile, leadership will be able to easily access the planning data to inform their decisions about course offerings and scheduling.

Overall, the end-to-end experience in Stellic will instill a sense of agency in Ball State students, boosting their engagement with their degree pathway, and helping advisors and administrators to optimize processes and resources in order to make the students’ college experience as successful as possible.

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