Brigham Young University–Hawaii transitions from homegrown system to Stellic for scaled advising and student support

Brigham Young University–Hawaii, a small school in Oahu, has implemented a new degree management platform with the goal of staying committed to their current and future generations of students. Transitioning from a homegrown student success system to Stellic’s holistic degree management platform has allowed BYUH to be more sustainable and scalable when it comes to student support efforts, providing tools for guided pathways, proactive interventions and virtual student/advisor collaboration.

BYUH’s previous degree management system was created by a former faculty member for his & his students’ convenience, eventually being adopted by the whole institution. The system was well-loved by faculty and students alike for its customizability, but was not going to be scalable for two reasons. 1. The system was static in nature, being written in a particular language that depended heavily on the expertise of the creator. 2. It was designed for individual academic planning, lacking templates and placing the burden on students to build plans from scratch. 

In their search, BYUH’s greatest challenge was finding a degree system that preserved the old system’s custom capabilities, without sacrificing functionality or efficiency. Their team ultimately chose Stellic for its modern, dynamic degree planning interface and ability to provide advisors with on-demand student data reporting and filters. By implementing Stellic, BYUH has improved the student experience as well as scaled their strategic advising efforts. 

As a four-year institution, BYUH always strives to increase retention and empower students to make confident decisions about their academic future that will ensure on-time degree completion. Stellic has supported these goals by notifying students about their degree progress throughout their journey to completion. At the heart of Stellic is empowering students with transparency and on-demand answers that drive success. BYUH students now experience a harmonious digital landscape where it is easy to navigate their semester scheduling, degree audits, and reporting. BYUH advisors and relevant faculty can now collaborate with students on academic blueprints to reassure their choices, ultimately driving more meaningful discussions between students and advisors.

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