Chaminade University of Honolulu provides students, advisors and faculty with a modern, centralized tool for student success

Looking to enhance student support with next-generation tools, Chaminade University of Honolulu adopts Stellic’s centralized student success system for advising, planning and engagement. 

The priorities for the implementation of Stellic include improving retention, developing consistent/transparent communication, strategically engaging students and ultimately driving data-driven decisions on student success. Providing Stellic’s tools to their students and faculty, which include a centralized note taking system, proactive alerts and pathway templates, will help Chaminade achieve those ambitious student success goals. 

Chaminade evaluated over six platforms over the course of a year, bringing in their advisors to review potential systems and provide feedback. Ultimately, Chaminade chose Stellic because of its robust functionality, as well as proven history of high adoption amongst students and faculty. 

With Stellic, a variety of departments will have one platform where they can collaborate in serving students on their academic journeys. What’s more, Chaminade will be able to better engage with students in a streamlined, effective manner by moving from forms, paper, and email to a real-time, user friendly app that resonates with their everyday life.

We are excited that Chaminade chose Stellic to consolidate Student Success initiatives on campus. With Stellic’s focus on student and advisor engagement, Chaminade can move towards data-driven decisions that will have a lasting impact across the institution. - Rukhsar Neyaz, Co-Founder & COO, Stellic

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