Columbia College unifies degree audit, advising, and pathways for seamless student experience

Columbia College has partnered with Stellic – a decision that will advance the institution’s goal of improving student experience and persistence. The platform will unify degree audit, planning, course scheduling, and pathways for students at Columbia College, while streamlining communication for advisors and staff. Though shifting to Stellic will also increase capacity for advisors and faculty, the primary factor in Columbia College's decision to adopt Stellic was the flexibility and student-centricity of the platform.

“When we first saw the platform, it was beautiful. It was exactly what we hope a student experience can be, with course scheduling and degree audits at the fingertips of the student while reducing some of the manual work for staff.” - Dixie Williams, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Marketing, Columbia College

Columbia College (Missouri and CC Global) serves 34 extended campuses in 13 U.S. states, 18 on U.S. military bases. Stellic will give their students a more standardized way to easily plan, schedule, and track their progress all in one place. With a seamless user experience that is easy to navigate, students can explore relevant pathways and collaborate with their advisors on upcoming courses and academic deadlines, gaining confidence in their decisions along the way. Meanwhile, advisors at Columbia College will gain clarity around where to provide support to students proactively; when early alerts indicate help is needed, advisor-student interaction can occur without friction in the platform.

By providing a system that modernizes and unifies key components of the student’s journey, Columbia College aims to elevate the student experience and improve student outcomes, from prospective recruitment through graduation. Putting their data to work, the Columbia College staff will gain the ability to investigate curriculum level changes to different programs and better plan course and section offerings based on student demand. All this in mind, Columbia College is poised to reimagine degree progression for all current and future students.

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