Cornell College revamps audit and advising processes through holistic degree management system

Cornell College was looking to leverage student-facing technology to transform degree management for their staff, faculty, and most importantly, their students. At the forefront of their search was identifying a solution that would eliminate manual degree audit and advising efforts so that their administrators could dedicate more time towards holistic conversations with students. Additionally, they needed a way to empower students to plan ahead, understand exactly what requirements they had remaining, and visualize their path to graduation. After evaluating several systems, Cornell College chose Stellic as an end-to-end system that would support the needs of all stakeholders on campus.

“It became pretty obvious that we liked the functionality of Stellic better. It’s so user-friendly. Now, our audits can be run at all times for all students, and our advisors will be alerted any time a student deviates from their approved plan and help them before it’s too late.” - Megan Hicks, Registrar, Cornell College

With a block schedule and complex core curriculum in place, Cornell College needed a system that not only automated audits and requirement-tracking, but would also be flexible enough to curate success plans and schedules that align with students’ liberal arts experience. Through Stellic, each student at Cornell will have access to personalized pathways that encompass suggested courses, requirements, and co-curricular activities such as internships, essential abilities, and experiential learning. This holistic approach will allow students to easily plan ahead and visualize the impact that certain decisions might have on their time to completion.

“The biggest advantage is that all aspects of a student's academic journey at Cornell are readily available to the student. This will make students more informed and better prepared for all advising meetings, especially registration. I also REALLY like that the software allows students to understand the implications of schedule changes in real-time.” - Craig Tepper, Professor and Advisor, Cornell College

Another important goal for this strategic partnership is the ability for Cornell College to access data that proactively addresses the needs of their students. With students feeling more confident and engaged as they plan out future years at Cornell, leadership can identify key trends like popular courses and their time conflicts, faculty demand, and aggregate student progress based on certain cohorts, such as students on financial aid or first-year students. The ability to understand a student's current and future degree progression in real-time will enhance the way advisors support students too. With access to notes, filtered reports, and proactive alerts, advisors will have more time to offer personalized guidance, reach out to specific student cohorts, and ensure students’ academic and personal goals are being fulfilled throughout their time at Cornell. 

The campus-wide decision to implement Stellic's all-in-one solution will allow Cornell's students to have a forward-looking academic mindset, instilling confidence in their journey with strategic support along the way. By streamlining processes across all departments and leveraging accurate and accessible data, Cornell College will dive deeper into the needs and goals of every student while preparing them for long-term success - both towards graduation and beyond.

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