The Office of the University Registrar at Cornell University engages with Stellic to transform degree progression

The Office of the University Registrar at Cornell University has turned to Stellic as it looks to modernize and consolidate multiple components of degree progress into one platform. In doing so, Cornell aims to deepen guidance from faculty and staff advisors, enable more data-informed decisions, and most importantly, empower students to forge their journey with confidence and clarity.

Well-known for its world-class education where 'any person can find instruction in any study,' Cornell University tallies over 400 programs across 17 colleges and schools — many of which have been using different methods to track degree progress and advise students about courses. Recognizing the need for change, an initiative to update degree audit technology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences expanded into a university-wide effort to reimagine degree progress and planning as a whole.

Moving forward with Stellic, Cornell University students will be able to build multi-term plans and visualize their progress toward graduation — all within the parameters of each college or school’s requirements and curriculum rules. Once the platform is fully live across the university, students will be able to optimize their schedule to best fit their time commitments, while being assured that their course choices advance their overall academic progress.  

As a result, there will be less burden on Cornell’s faculty and staff advisors, allowing those critical advising conversations to go deeper than course selection. What’s more, they’ll be able to quickly access key information about students both individually and en masse, which will enable them to personalize and scale their guidance.

Administrators across Cornell University can look forward to a number of benefits as well. They’ll be able to draw from the aggregate audit and planning data from Stellic to forecast course demand and allocate their resources with greater certainty. The platform will make it easier to identify and modify curriculum and requirements where needed, supporting efficiency, alignment, and nimble academic innovation.

Through a unified platform that has a modern degree audit at its core, Cornell University will benefit from rich data and user-friendly tools that will support the University’s faculty and administrators, and most of all, empower their students to pursue their Cornell degree with clarity.

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