Duquesne University empowers students to pursue bigger goals with Stellic

Everyone at Duquesne University embraces the campus motto, “It’s Time for Bigger Goals,” calling for self-discovery and self-motivation. Embracing this ethos, Duquesne has partnered with Stellic to enhance the academic journey of its students. This partnership will offer students an improved degree planning experience, provide administrators with effective tools to support student needs, and equip success coaches with a platform that allows them to guide and inspire students toward their utmost potential.

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, Duquesne is one of the top Catholic universities in the nation, priding itself on a high faculty-to-student ratio and a “horizon-expanding education.” Shortly after discovering Stellic, it became clear to Duquesne leadership that the platform would expand students’ horizons even wider  — exposing them to many potential paths and connecting them with success coaches who could offer them crucial guidance along their journey.

Duquesne students will be able to leverage Stellic to proactively find opportunities to enrich their education — an additional minor, potential internships, specific courses — without disrupting their degree timeline. With general education and school-specific requirements spelled out in the platform, students can piece together their path with confidence. From there, they can easily share their plans with their success coaches, allowing for rich and intentional conversations about their goals.

Importantly, Stellic’s reporting functionality will equip success coaches to quickly find students who may need personalized help. With key information at their fingertips, coaches can resolve students' issues that may affect their graduation timeline and direct them to other channels for more support.

Administrators are thinking big, too. The platform’s degree audit will handle the complexities that come with tracking undergraduate students’ multiple degrees and graduate-level coursework. The platform's reporting will also provide administrators with valuable insights into student degree progress, historical trends about programs and courses, and predictions about future resource needs. And since this functionality will also be readily available to department heads, both parties can work collaboratively to design curricula that students want and need, and update corresponding requirements in real time.

Overall, Stellic is poised to further Duquesne University’s “Bigger Goals” mission, delivering the kind of experience students, success coaches, and staff need to do and be their best.

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