George Mason University adopts all-in-one, integrated platform for degree management to streamline information across the entire institution

George Mason University will adopt Stellic’s end-to-end degree management platform in support of a university-wide digital transformation initiative to replace current technology with one complete system for planning, degree audit and registration. With this integration of systems, GMU will streamline processes and information for students, advisors and administrators across the entire institution.

Recognized as an innovative institution with global distinction in a range of academic fields, GMU seeks to modernize a number of campus experiences, including student planning, course scheduling, progress tracking, advising and certification. GMU ultimately chose Stellic to accomplish their goals because of it’s holistic approach to providing a user-friendly degree management experience that resonates with today’s generation of students. Built by students frustrated with disparate, legacy university systems, Stellic’s objective is to minimize different browser tabs needed to manage their progress towards completion and provide an end-to-end degree management experience for students. To do this, Stellic’s degree planning tool works in tandem with the degree audit, so students can drag and drop remaining courses from the degree progress sidebar onto their plan to ensure they fulfill all their requirements on-time and feel engaged and empowered on their journey.

For the registrar's office, Stellic will provide continuously up-to-date student progress, ensuring  accurate reporting in real-time. If any changes occur (student changes major, drops course, changes plan, etc.), Stellic auto-refreshes and computation of students’ progress takes under a couple of seconds. This will streamline the degree clearance process and help GMU better predict course scheduling and demand. 

For GMU advisors, Stellic will serve as a common language with their students where they are both able to see the student plan, review it and make changes. They will be able to easily filter for specific cohorts and generate reports, as well as alerts, on any selection criteria including student performance, progress, programs and class level. 

Moving from multiple disparate systems to an integrated, comprehensive system for all stakeholders will not only streamline workflows for individuals at GMU, but also improve cross-departmental collaboration. Using Stellic Workflows, GMU will automate paper-based forms and multi-step processes such as exceptions, waivers, substitutions, plan review requests, and graduation clearance, transforming the way administrators track approvals and certify students for graduation. With such modernizations, GMU will be able to streamline administrative work and focus on scaling best-in-class student experiences and services.

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