Guilford College adopts Stellic to transform degree management for students, advisors, and administrators

Determined to modernize the degree planning and audit experience for students, Guilford College has looked to Stellic for end-to-end degree management. Beyond giving students the tools they need to succeed, Guilford College will leverage Stellic to empower its advisors and streamline administrative processes.

Guilford College is a liberal arts school in Greensboro, North Carolina, focused on providing its students with in-depth, hands-on learning opportunities. In the past, pen and paper degree tracking made it difficult for students to plan ahead and drive their journey forward. And changing programs would send a student’s planning and progress tracking back to square one. As a result, students would often lean on their faculty advisor for direction on what courses to take and when to take them. 

Moving forward, students will have the ability to visualize their entire academic journey and possible pathways. Stellic will allow them the freedom to plan multiple semesters in advance and monitor their progress toward graduation, encouraging them to take a more active role in managing their journey. For larger decisions, Stellic can help Guilford students conceptualize how pursuing an alternative major could potentially impact their graduation date. 

"We want to have students look online and say, 'This is where I am, and this where I need to go.'" - Kristen McManus, Ed.D., Registrar, Guilford College

Once they’ve honed their plans for a given semester, students will be able to construct a semester schedule, helping them plan around sports, work, and extracurricular constraints to design an optimal routine – all while knowing they will be on track to graduate.

At the same time, advisors will benefit from Stellic’s robust reporting, which will enable them to search for students based on certain criteria, such as missing requirements or registration status. Advisors can set up alerts to see which students match those criteria at any given time to offer proactive, customized support directly from the Stellic platform.

Stellic will also help streamline several processes for Guilford — especially in the Registrar's Office, where flexible workflows will help streamline communication regarding course substitutions and exceptions. Drawing on the aggregate degree audit data, administrators will be able to forecast course demand multiple semesters in advance, ensuring Guilford College offers students the most relevant, desired courses.

Overall, Stellic is poised to transform the Guilford College student experience, by providing relevant and clear degree information, friendly tools for planning ahead, and an open channel of collaboration with their advisors.

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