Habib University Reaffirms Commitment to World-Class Student Support with Implementation of All-in-One Degree Management System

To further equip students with effective tools and remove any obstacles from their path to academic success, Pakistan’s first liberal arts and sciences institution of higher learning, Habib University, has adopted Stellic's all-in-one degree management platform campus-wide. Stellic will help HU students visualize and design their own degree plan and ensure on-time degree completion. The integrated platform will not only improve student experiences, but also improve efficiencies for their advisors, the Office of Academic Performance and the Registrar Office.

Giving HU students complete transparency plays a key role in empowering them to manage and track their progress in collaboration with their advisors. With Stellic's degree planner, students will have the freedom to explore their major and minor options, plan and test different pathways and determine exactly what they’ll need to satisfy requirements for various programs. 

HU also aims to improve student and advisor collaboration by eliminating prolonged request and approval processes via email and in-person meetings. The comprehensive degree planning system also includes an audit for tracking progress. This will eliminate manual efforts by moving from paper-based forms and emails to an automated process of tracking, monitoring and reporting student progress to ensure students are better supported from the start of their academic journey through to completion. 

Advisors are leveraging robust filtering within Stellic to generate real-time student reports within one click, enabling them to be more efficient and effective with their time. Stellic further streamlines the process by providing a messaging channel for students to connect with advisors about their plans, allowing both parties to collaborate on the designed pathway simultaneously. With access to these tools, advisors can deepen their relationship with students and have meaningful conversations on their academic future, interests and goals.

The implementation of Stellic's degree management solution will provide HU students with a next-generation tool for success while eliminating manual processes for administrators, which will ultimately help faculty focus on further improving student support and success.

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