Lenoir-Rhyne University adopts Stellic to unify degree audit and advising across campus

Lenoir-Rhyne University has selected Stellic to unify and transform their degree audit, advising, and planning processes. The end-to-end platform will provide a single source of truth by putting all degree progress and advising information into one place. 

LR attracts students to its picturesque campus and intimate academic experience, offering about 80 programs across its undergraduate and graduate divisions. To help students complete, degree audits and advising notes have been done on paper and spreadsheets, with some variety in methods used across different colleges to track student progress and record advising information. They began searching for a digital solution to standardize these operations across campus, which would reduce miscommunication and make it more efficient for the Registrar’s office to grant degrees come graduation. 

LR will advance several goals with Stellic’s help. First, the unified platform for degree audit and planning will provide more autonomy to students as they manage their journey. Students will clearly see their fulfilled and remaining requirements laid out, and from there, they can experiment with different degree paths right in Stellic. When a question comes up, students can easily message their advisor(s) directly from the platform, who will be able to view a student’s plans and progress in the exact same format. 

Moving forward, Stellic will serve as the centralized hub to find degree progress and advising information. Advisors will be able to take and save notes in Stellic, without needing to worry whether that history will get lost in the student’s transition from professional advisors to faculty advisors. The shift will improve communication between various academic units, and will create a common medium for advising students. What’s more, advisors can proactively identify students who may require additional support by filtering through several characteristics. 

Stellic will also create a number of efficiencies on the backend. With digital and trustworthy audits in Stellic, the Registrar’s office will get significant time back in confirming that students have met their requirements ahead of graduation. To take it further, filtering capabilities will make it easy to track NCAA compliance - a feature that will prove immensely valuable as student-athletes make up over 50% of the LR student population. 

Ultimately, the partnership between Lenoir-Rhyne and Stellic will pave the way for greater collaboration on campus, where students and staff are empowered by clear information and a user-friendly way to manage degree progress and academic planning. 

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