MIT Sloan leverages Stellic’s degree audit to maintain unparalleled student experiences

Seeking to unite and streamline their many degree and certificate programs, MIT Sloan has partnered with Stellic. Moving forward, they’ll leverage a student-centered degree management platform to track requirements towards programs, enhance advisor-advisee relationships, and modernize the way students manage their academic progress.

MIT Sloan distinguishes itself from other premier management schools by offering hands-on learning that emphasizes global impact and encourages collaboration 一 perfectly epitomized by its slogan, "Sloanies helping Sloanies." Translating that unique culture into formalized degree tracks and institute-wide certificates takes significant planning and organization. Sloan was seeking a solution that could provide a shared space for students and advisors to collaborate on academic plans and keep track of all core requirements, as well as additional coursework and activities outside of the classroom.

Stellic’s degree audit will help Sloan achieve exactly that. Additionally, it will centralize program data, enabling staff to adjust requirements as needed, set degree clearance alerts for students, and keep a finger on the pulse of course demand. On the flip side, students and faculty will have access to a library of dynamically updated courses, making it easier to see what requirements are missing or met.

With this common understanding, advisors can provide more meaningful guidance to their students, either via built-in messaging or by scheduling an appointment directly through Stellic. Advisors and students will be able to work together to examine opportunities to apply coursework to dual degree programs or other tracks and certificates. Leveraging one source of truth, Sloan staff will gain a more comprehensive understanding of students’ predilections. They’ll be able to see which courses are trending across certain programs, helping them better forecast what classes to offer and when in subsequent years.

Moving forward, students will gain a holistic view of their academic journey at Sloan, allowing them to get a better sense of where they stand and where they’re going. With more open communication channels, students and advisors can engage more collaboratively on the best-fit path to success. And Sloan’s dedicated staff will be able to ensure everything runs smoothly today so the institution can continue providing an unparalleled educational experience tomorrow.

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