Park University transforms student digital experience through all-in-one degree management system

Park University was looking for a unified degree management platform that could adapt to the needs of a variety of learners, provide insights to inform resource allocation, and bring forth a modern digital experience that meets the expectations of today’s students. Their search ultimately led them to partner with Stellic. While evaluating other systems, both students and staff at Park resonated most with Stellic’s student-facing design and user-friendliness.

“Our focus is on the student experience. We want it to be A+, modern, and adaptable to what students want to do. We really felt that Stellic did that, especially when it comes to the planning aspect - the difference was night and day.”  - James Nelson, Chief Technology Officer, Park University

Predominantly comprised of online, military, traditional, and adult learners from 41 different campuses, Park’s primary objective was to adopt a solution that all students could seamlessly navigate and relate to. By leveraging modern degree planning and scheduling capabilities that are connected to students’ degree audits, students will embark on a unified experience that helps them easily understand which courses satisfy certain requirements, explore courses based on their interests and co-curricular goals, and create a dynamic schedule that works with their personal commitments – all within the same platform.

Having full visibility into their degree progression means that students at Park will grow more confident in owning their academic journey and can have informed conversations with their advisors that go beyond degree mapping alone. Equipped with real-time reports on academic progress, advisors will then be able to spend more time on holistic and proactive support. Furthermore, if any exceptions, substitutions, major declarations, or waivers need to be approved, Park will leverage paperless, automated workflows to keep all relevant departments informed in the review process for student-centered tasks – contributing to the seamless digital experience Park hopes to accomplish with Stellic.

“Our campus is excited, our advisors are excited, our staff in the Registrar's Office are excited. The fact that this meets multiple needs for students and advisors is what I think is behind the excitement and the energy to move forward with Stellic.” - Cindy Otts, Registrar, Park University

By combining historical enrollment trends with the courses that students actually have planned for their future semesters, Park will be also able to make accurate, informed decisions on course and faculty demand based on different Park campus locations and cohorts. Looking ahead, Park aims to make a meaningful impact on retention and maximize success for all learners by best preparing for the needs of their diverse student population and truly engaging them through the digital experience that Stellic provides.

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