Quinnipiac University leverages student-centered audit and planning to best suit their curricula needs

Quinnipiac University has partnered with Stellic to seamlessly track academic progress across a wide variety degree programs. Moving forward, students will navigate all elements of degree progression through a modern digital experience that will provide greater clarity and visibility into their plan towards graduation.

Located in Hamden, Connecticut, Quinnipiac is a private institution that offers over 140 programs. With more accelerated, interdisciplinary, and multi-degree programs becoming available to students, Quinnipiac needed a way to accurately track progress and handle adjustments to students’ plans across complex curricula. By leveraging Stellic’s real-time audit, students can easily keep track of all changes, exceptions, and double-counting courses in their plans, ensuring they stay informed and avoid taking unnecessary credits along their academic journey.

Another key goal for Quinnipiac was to provide a platform that would improve students’ digital degree planning experience – a goal that aligns with Stellic’s student-centered mission and design. Built for and by students, Stellic will provide an interactive, user-friendly interface for students at Quinnipiac to drag and drop courses into their plan, explore recommended sequences by department, and discover best-fit courses based on their interests and remaining requirements.

The shift towards student-centered technology will also benefit administrators across campus. They will be able to understand exactly where students are on their path to graduation, see which courses are in high demand based on programs and cohorts, and track all substitutions and exceptions to student plans in one place.

Quinnipiac University’s decision to implement Stellic will provide students with an intuitive digital experience that guides them through the complexities of academic planning. Students will be empowered to take agency over their progress, and Quinnipiac will continue to strengthen their position as a cutting-edge institution that can reliably offer and support diverse programs.

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