Stellic makes a positive impression on students as it wraps up its first academic year at Quinnipiac University

Stellic has started to make an impact at Quinnipiac University as the 2023-2024 academic year comes to a close. Improving the student experience was the heart of the platform’s introduction to campus. 

"We’re focused on minimizing perceived barriers, so organizing technological efficiencies for students is a priority,”  says Thomas Ellett, Chief Experience Officer, with regard to Stellic.  “We’re looking to make it as easy as possible for students to understand where they stand in their academic journey.”
“There were other systems out there, but I knew Stellic could really facilitate better communication between students and advisors,” said Provost Debra Liebowitz when the platform launched. “It allows for student-directed communication and for them to see their path.”

It’s been less than a year, and students have logged in over 130,000 times. The platform has begun to impact students in several ways and it's on the way to making a lasting difference on campus.

Initial impressions

First and foremost, students have been struck by the refreshed, modern user experience.

I immediately understood the purpose of it and how it was different to our old tool. I find the color-coding helpful and easy to follow, and the fact that you can hover over the degree requirement checkmark and it tells you that the course has been fulfilled – is incredibly helpful,” remarks a Senior in the Law in Society program.
It makes the hundreds of courses offered easier on the eyes,” adds another Sophomore studying Sports and Entertainment Management. 
“My experience with Stellic has been overwhelmingly positive,” describes a Junior studying Advertising and Integrated Communications. "I find the platform to be user-friendly, with a clean layout and intuitive navigation. It’s easy to understand even at first glance.” 

Information in one place

For some students at Quinnipiac, what captivates them the most isn’t just the user-friendly design; it’s also the value of consolidating all the information they need most in one central location.

“Being able to view critical academic information, such as important calendar dates, GPA, enrollment status, and advisor contacts directly from the homepage, significantly enhances the user experience in my opinion,” says the Junior who’s studying Advertising and Integrated Communications.

Planning semesters ahead

Unlike their experience before, Stellic allows students to plan out multiple terms in advance, which has been especially helpful for those students in dual-degree programs and with multiple majors.

“I can plan courses without having to pick an exact professor or term,”  describes a Sophomore in a 3+1 program in Sports and Entertainment Management. “It helps me map out when I am taking what courses and what my course load will look like over my final semesters.

Another dual-degree student described how the ability to plan ahead can change a student’s schema and overall experience. 

 “Stellic is definitely more forward-facing. It helps you think semesters ahead instead of just reactively being like ‘okay I need to plan for the Fall now’” says the Journalism and Political Science major. 

Students are feeling more in the driver’s seat for that reason. In the words of the Advertising and Integrated Communications student,

“It not only helps in visualizing, but in strategizing my academic path forward.”

Advisor guidance at the ready

The tool has also started to enhance the collaboration between students and advisors. Here's what another student had to say:

“I think it's great that students can email and communicate with their advisors through Stellic as well because they can always directly contact them if they have any questions or concerns.” 

Empowering students

Because of the various impacts above, students at QU have shared that they feel more informed about their progress and confident about the road ahead at Quinnipiac. 

“I enjoy how easy it is to see how many total courses I have left to take and seeing all the green checks. It makes me feel amazing about how far I've come and where I’m going.” 
“I look forward to continuing to explore the features in Stellic and incorporating them into my planning process.”

Reflections from the administration

The Registrar’s Office – who orchestrated the Stellic rollout – took a moment to reflect on the progress made so far and discussed the roadmap ahead for improving the student experience.

“We’re proud at this point that Stellic not just helps students, but helps so many other people on campus to help students too,” says Amy Terry, University Registrar. “Down the road, we’re looking forward to all the options that Stellic can offer students – which include exploring how registration can be used in Stellic to put all the tools and information that students need for degree progress into one place.” 

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