Saint Martin’s University leverages student-centered advising and degree planning system to transform academic support

With the goal of further providing their students with intentional and proactive academic support, Saint Martin’s University has adopted Stellic’s advising and degree management solution to ensure each student can easily track their path to graduation with effective mentorship from advisors along the way. Equipped with a holistic system for degree planning, scheduling, advising, and reporting, Saint Martin’s will be able to dive deeper into the needs of their students and ensure consistent internal communication across multiple departments on campus.

Saint Martin’s is recognized as one of the 13 Benedictine institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada, offering a unique liberal arts experience that prepares students for success through a variety of majors, support programs, and extracurriculars. To provide personalized support for students with a diverse set of needs and requirements, Saint Martin’s needed a way to easily track academic progress and eliminate back-and-forth emailing between students and their advisors. Through Stellic, students can communicate directly with their advisors, make requests for course substitutions or exceptions, and collaborate with staff on the best-fit pathway to success -- all within the same system. With access to real-time audits and an interactive scheduler, each student can understand how courses relate to one another through a modern interface that resonates with their everyday lives.

Another important component throughout Saint Martin’s search was identifying a solution that enabled advisors and staff to proactively engage with students and identify those who may be at risk of falling off track. Moving away from paper-based procedures will give advisors more time to focus on strategic intervention and meaningful conversations with students. By streamlining processes such as student plan reviews, note taking, and graduation clearance, Stellic will enable institutional staff to have a comprehensive understanding of each student’s profile and keep a continuous pulse on where students are in their academic journey.

“I see this being game-changing for both advisors and students. We are really looking forward to the additional capacity it’ll give advisors to talk to students about financial aid, study abroad, internships, personal issues, etc.” - Amy Stewart-Mailhiot, Dean of Library & Student Success, Saint Martin’s University

Moving forward, Saint Martin’s will leverage student planning data within Stellic to better allocate their resources around faculty demand, course forecasting, and academic progress among specific student cohorts. The shift towards student-centered degree management and advising will empower students at Saint Martin’s to take ownership of their success plan and seamlessly collaborate with their advisors to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals.

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