Santa Monica College guides students to bright futures with personalized education plans

Santa Monica College, a longstanding innovator and leader for transfer in California, has turned to Stellic to empower their 27,000 students with best-fit education plans that they can develop alongside counselors and faculty.

Looking forward, SMC’s learners will be able to visualize their education journey from start to finish. The platform will allow them to experiment with different academic and career pathways, providing a modern, digital experience to show how different choices impact their degree progression and goals – whether that's transferring to a four-year institution or pursuing a specific career. From there, students can easily receive feedback and guidance on their plans directly from their counselors in the platform. 

To help students create an ideal schedule each term, the platform will show students specific class time windows that align with courses and requirements in their plan, making it easy for them to work school  around other life obligations. 

SMC’s counselors will unlock a number of benefits, too. With each students’ plans and progress at their fingertips, they can have more proactive and collaborative conversations with students about the future. As Esau Tovar, Dean of Enrollment Services, puts it:

The ones that are particularly excited are my colleagues in counseling. They just see a lot of good potential in being able to create program maps. Now there's a template that counselors and students can use together.

Counselors will also be able to identify students who veer off their plans, or are courses away from attaining a degree or certificate.  From there, they can use the platform to reach out to students – whether to start a conversation, send positive encouragement, or route students to the best avenues for specific support.

With this transformation on the horizon, Santa Monica College will continue to provide their 27,000 students a top-notch experience, empowering them with a solid roadmap to achieve their goals.

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