Shenandoah University selects Stellic to enhance retention and transform the student experience

Shenandoah University – a private, nationally recognized institution located in Winchester, Virginia – has adopted Stellic to improve learner persistence and transform the student experience across their entire campus. Through an end-to-end solution for planning, audit, pathways, advising, and reporting, Shenandoah will ensure that each student remains fully engaged and on track, with a clear understanding of future semester experiences.

“From the outset, the Stellic team has shared Shenandoah University’s vision for learner-centric and equity-focused higher education. Our collaboration empowers trust in learner journeys while providing important insights into critical decision-making. What's more, this innovation allows us to scale efficiently while still retaining the high-touch learner experience for which Shenandoah is known. We are excited about the opportunity to jointly innovate with Stellic as we continue to lead in innovation for mid-size private higher education.” - Cameron J. McCoy, Provost, Shenandoah University

Shenandoah offers a blend of professional career opportunities, liberal education, and co-curricular diversity that help shape a holistic experience for each student. With many moving parts involved in a learner’s journey, Shenandoah recognizes that Stellic can track all course and non-course requirements and gives learners a modern digital experience that resonates with their everyday life. Stellic’s interactive planner will run in tandem with real-time audits and dynamic pathways that show a realistic completion route. Students can drag and drop courses that align with their interests and fulfill specific requirements, all the while understanding the impacts of choices on their time to completion.

Within the same platform, advisors and administrators are able to make adjustments to degree audits, process requests for exceptions and substitutions, and analyze student data based on grades, cohorts, and missing requirements. Having one unified system with accurate data for all stakeholders will help keep a continuous pulse on students’ degree progression. 

Another critical factor that Shenandoah considered was making the technology transition swift and efficient with minimal strain from IT. As a result, Shenandoah identified Stellic as a solution that makes the most sense technology-wise and also supports a fast implementation timeline.

The transformational partnership between Shenandoah University and Stellic affects institutional conversations regarding strategic future planning. With more learners engaged in proactive degree planning, leadership will unlock critical insights into course load distribution, faculty and course demand, and student engagement. In addition, the combination of historical and forward-looking data gives all campus stakeholders a clearer understanding of where to efficiently allocate their resources. 

By equipping SU’s campus with student-facing technology, Shenandoah will be able to make a future-focused impact on retention, persistence, and engagement. Moving forward, learners will feel more informed and empowered to drive conversations about their academic and personal journey at Shenandoah.

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