Sweet Briar College adopts Stellic to reimagine degree progression and resource management

In order to continuously best serve their current and future generation of students, Sweet Briar College has adopted Stellic - a unified solution that will transform the degree management experience for students and staff alike. As their enrollment continues to grow, Sweet Briar recognizes the need to move from spreadsheets and papers to modern, automated processes that fulfill the needs and expectations of their students, all the while ensuring strategic usage of institutional resources. With new tools in place to support forward-looking degree planning, advising and resource management, Sweet Briar College is fully prepared to make a meaningful impact on every student’s educational experience.

“Stellic is going to make life much better for students at Sweet Briar, along with improvements in advising and resource allocation. We are going to jump light years into the future.” - Jay Flynn, Registrar, Sweet Briar College

A private women’s college in Virginia, Sweet Briar boasts a variety of majors, co-curricular activities, and strong alumni networks - all of which contribute towards a campus-wide mission of training women leaders for the future. Given the ability for students to add multiple programs to their success plan, Sweet Briar will leverage Stellic’s intuitive degree audit and planner to help students and administrators keep track of degree progress, milestones, and requirements that count across multiple majors. Previously, this workload fell on the Registrar’s Office alone. Now, students can drag and drop recommended courses into their plan and understand if one course can satisfy multiple requirements. They’ll also have access to real-time audits, interactive scheduling, and guided pathways all through one platform that encompasses every aspect of their academic and professional experience at Sweet Briar.

“Having students run their own audits and plan ahead is a huge thing - they’re taking responsibility for their educational experience. It will be really embraced here.” - Jay Flynn, Registrar, Sweet Briar College

The digital transformation undertaken at Sweet Briar will also enable workflows for multi-step approval processes. Through Stellic, students can request an exception or substitution within the platform, provide justification, and push this through a workflow that is customizable by Sweet Briar based on who needs to review it and provide approval. This automated process will eliminate excess forms and signatures, providing one source of truth and visibility for all parties involved. 

As Sweet Briar empowers students to plan ahead, they’ll gain data-backed insights into which students might need more personalized engagement and where to best allocate resources around faculty and course offerings. Additionally, advisors will have access to notes history and personalized reports on a variety of student cohorts that will drive proactive outreach and guidance as students progress towards graduation. Having one holistic platform for visibility and collaboration will ensure each student receives the support they need to successfully navigate their academic journey from the moment they set foot on Sweet Briar’s campus.

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