Texas Christian University reaffirms commitment to holistic support with student-facing degree management platform

Texas Christian University has selected Stellic to provide their students with a more holistic advising experience. As TCU students embark on their journey to graduation, this partnership will strengthen student-advisor collaboration and streamline support processes across their campus.

Students at TCU will be able to map out each semester through a dynamic degree management platform built by and for today’s students. With an identical view of academic plans through Stellic, students and advisors will be immediately aligned on what academic progress and future pathways look like. 

What’s more, Stellic’s “360-degree” views of each student highlight their goals, interests, and other variables that could impact their academic performance. The platform also provides shareable notes so that advisors can gain a more clear understanding of each student’s history and context. With this information at their fingertips, and with more students engaging in degree planning and course scheduling, advisors at TCU can embrace an increase in capacity to foster deeper conversations and provide more customized guidance for the whole student.

“We are totally committed to student success at TCU. We want to get at the heart of advising the whole student. My hope is that the ease that Stellic provides our students and advisors to have access to more information will provide more capacity to do deeper advising that goes beyond course selection.” - Annorah Moorman, Associate Vice Provost for Student Success

Advisors at TCU will also have the opportunity to provide more proactive support to students. Stellic’s advanced reporting and alerts will help them identify students who may be headed off course, allowing advisors to intervene quickly. Having built-in scenario planning to explore what-ifs and chart new trajectories means that students can easily explore alternative majors or minors to pursue based on their goals and fulfilled requirements. When students have questions about their path, advisors will be a click away 一 students can message advisors and schedule meetings directly through the platform.

Equipped with the right resources and a more comprehensive way of collaborating with advisors, students will be empowered to take control of their college careers, leading to greater engagement and an elevated TCU experience.

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