The Master’s University selects Stellic to accelerate technology transformation on campus

The Master’s University selects Stellic to modernize its technology operations, a partnership that will support the institution’s strategic goals of improved graduation rates, better retention efforts and increasing overall student and staff satisfaction. Master’s will leverage Stellic’s next-generation cloud technology to empower students, staff and faculty with a better user experience around degree planning, tracking and advising. 

Providing better student-facing tools is critical to Master’s reaching their student success goals. After comparing solutions, Master’s chose Stellic for its seamless digital experience and proven ability to engage today’s generation of students. Stellic will allow Master’s students to build their degree plan, track progress and visualize the impact of their decisions, all on an interface that resonates with their everyday life.

“When I saw the UI and that you can drag and drop I was impressed. It’s clean, clear and has quality student-facing features. This was critical because it can’t be another system that students might use. Rather it has to be a system that encourages students to want to do their own degree planning and progress. We don’t want them to go into the system and have it be drudgery to use this. When we compared comparable solutions we couldn’t find any solution better than Stellic.” - Jay Street, Student Data Management Specialist, The Master’s University

Another critical component of Master’s student success initiative is empowering staff and faculty with greater access to actionable data. With much of their degree audit processes being manual and paper-based, students and advisors spend significant time and effort on tracking degree progress and finding clarity on remaining requirements rather than on meaningful advising. Leveraging Stellic’s real-time audit and advising tools, staff will be able to filter, search and understand student data at a glance, as well as virtually collaborate with advisees on their degree plans. Efficient, integrated processes such as these will enable advisors to better support their students with personalized advising at scale.

“We know it will have a big impact on the conversations students have with advisors, changing the discussions to deeper, more spiritual conversations and connections.”  - Jay Street, Student Data Management Specialist, The Master’s University

In adopting Stellic’s end-to-end Degree Management platform, Master’s will digitally transform their operations, ensuring efficient, integrated processes across all departments on campus. Most importantly, Stellic will enable leadership to laser-focus on ensuring success for every student on The Master’s University journey.

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