The Ohio State University partners with Stellic to reimagine degree audit, planning, and reporting

The Ohio State University has partnered with Stellic to radically transform degree management across campus. A household name in American higher education, Ohio State will revamp degree audit, planning, and course scheduling – maintaining a high caliber of student services and empowering its different stakeholders to use degree progress data like never before.  

Looking ahead, students at Ohio State will have a cohesive experience for degree management in Stellic, helping them stay confident, informed, and self-reliant on the way to graduation. With an “audit-aware” planning experience, students can drag and drop remaining requirements into a multi-term planner, letting them immediately visualize the future implications of their choices. As a result, they’ll be able to take more ownership over this process and can collaborate more deeply with their advisor, shifting the question from “what should I take?” to “where can this take me?”

Stakeholders across Ohio State will get comprehensive access to the degree audit and planning data through real-time reporting capabilities. For instance, they’ll be able to pull a list of students who are one semester ahead of graduation, have X amount of transfer credits, or have fallen below a certain GPA – in seconds. For advisors, this will help them identify students who may need more support, giving them time to address issues before they can impact time to graduation.

Moreover, the unified platform will provide transparency that keeps everyone on the same page. Administrators will benefit from an intuitive experience to make real-time curriculum changes, avoiding confusion for students and advisors. When cases come up that require an exception or substitution, the Registrar’s Office will be able to use flexible workflows to manage these requests and reduce the risk of things falling through the cracks.

Moving to a unified, comprehensive system will empower the Ohio State community to maintain shared visibility across all elements of degree completion. By providing one tool to students and putting the data to work, The Ohio State University is poised to revolutionize the experience for its students and stakeholders. 

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