The University of Delaware brings together degree audit, planning, and advising in one place with Stellic

The University of Delaware has partnered with Stellic to modernize degree planning and audit across its entire campus. With Stellic’s end-to-end platform, UD hopes to provide more proactive support to their undergraduate students, streamline advisors’ day-to-day tasks, and offer a degree audit to the graduate college for the very first time.

The University of Delaware serves a large student population, helping over 18,000 undergraduate students and more than 4,200 graduate students tackle “the biggest challenges facing Delaware, the nation, and the world.” UD’s innovative culture urges its leaders to continually explore new ways of refining and enhancing the student experience.

In their quest to enhance those student experiences, the University Registrar and Student Success teams saw an opportunity to consolidate disjointed audit and advising systems, and provide a more straightforward student journey.

“The number of things we wanted to solve grew and grew, and Stellic checked all the boxes.” - University Registrar, the University of Delaware

With Stellic, degree audit will be baked into course selection, showing UD students exactly what they need to take to fulfill their requirements. Undergraduates will be able to map out their four-year plans term-by-term, visualizing how different decisions would affect their graduation date. For graduate students, Stellic will help them track graduate milestones with other requirements and plan the path ahead in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Advisors will be helped in several ways too. The platform will allow them to filter for students who may require more support, based on factors such as unmet requirements, planning activities, and engagement. They’ll also be notified if students veer off-track, giving them time to address issues before they impact graduation. To support students even further, advisors will be able to set up one-on-one meetings with their advisees, answer one-off questions, and store notes for future reference.

Importantly, a unified system will make it easy for UD administrators to configure and update course, major, and gen-ed requirements across all programs. And Stellic’s comprehensive reporting has the potential to cut down graduation processing time, and allow the University to proactively respond to future course needs.

Ultimately, bringing together the many components of degree planning and advising will put everyone on the same page – carrying the potential to significantly impact the University of Delaware student journey.

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