The University of Newcastle promotes student self-service through digitized academic progression

The University of Newcastle is pioneering modern degree management in Australia with Stellic’s innovative program planning and tracking capabilities. Devoted to promoting student self-service, the University had sought out a digitized and dynamic degree management system that improves student transparency around degree pathways and graduation eligibility, while offloading work from staff to the platform.

The University had four key initiatives in mind when exploring Stellic: introduce interactive, digitized degree plans, redirect activity of staff by increasing tracking efficacy, easily track program progress and GPA calculations, and most importantly, enhance the student digital experience by providing all relevant information on degree progress and possibilities in one place. 

"Student self-service is really important and it was our initial focus. We want our students to be given all the relevant information so that they feel empowered and confident in doing their own planning.” - Project Manager, The University of Newcastle

By enabling students to craft their own degree plan and by storing all components of planning in a single digital location – where course information is dynamic and readily available – Stellic provides an analytically-informed second opinion, so that students don’t have to default to a static path that's not personalized. Stellic's user friendliness and high adoption will foster deeper student engagement with academic planning. The platform will notify students when readjustment may be appropriate, alleviating the pressure of a semester-to-semester model of degree planning.

Through Stellic, Newcastle students will have visibility into the construction of their plan, and will be guided by the system on how to get ahead of the curve, matching course availability and accreditation to their degree requirements. Stellic will support students at the University of Newcastle as they navigate their 280 program plan offerings, giving suggestions on recommended or alternative courses, and secondarily considering their personal interests and career goals to create an optimal plan. These academic choices are easily traceable by staff who can identify at-risk students and apply support where needed.

The partnership between Stellic and Newcastle marks the University's aspiration to reach a place where students can independently drive their degree planning, freeing up time for staff to answer more in-depth inquiries from students. By transitioning to a forward-looking degree management solution, the University of Newcastle aims to shorten time to degree completion as their students grow more confident in tracking and planning their path to success.

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