The University of Oklahoma adopts Stellic’s degree management solution as part of their holistic campus technology initiative

In the latest step of a multi-year transition to unify the university and think more holistically about campus technology, The University of Oklahoma has chosen Stellic to provide a shared, university-wide degree management capability for undergraduate, graduate, and professional academic programs across all campuses.

With siloed academic systems, OU was in need of a degree management system that would provide a single source of truth for advisors and students to collaborate and keep track of information. Degree Management is a term encompassing the degree audit of completed academic work and current enrollment, degree planning for future pathways to graduation, and the integration of non-academic milestones needed for successful degree completion.

Looking to leverage modern technology that the entire campus would want to use, numerous stakeholders (including students) evaluated OU's options, ultimately choosing Stellic.

“Here at Stellic, we were very impressed with OU when we saw that they were getting their students involved in the decision-making process. It completely aligns with our mission to create student-centric technology, and we loved to see OU give students a seat at the table.” - Sabih Bin Wasi, CEO & Founder, Stellic

When searching for a successful Degree Management solution, OU was also looking for a platform that supported the business processes of diverse academic program types, that was an efficient use of technology spending, and met the user experience needs of all three communities: academic administration, students, and advisors.

That’s why Stellic’s holistic solution was a great fit. With a one-stop, interactive, and visual platform where students, advisors, and administrators can collaborate on comprehensive degree planning, Stellic will make it easy for all OU departments to track student progress from initial enrollment through graduation.

Seamless integration with OU's SIS and existing data sources also means Stellic can ensure ‘one source’ of truth and a single point of engagement for their students, advisors, and administrators.

Perhaps most importantly, Stellic stood out when it came to student experience. Providing one place for students, with integrated student planning, tracking and scheduling functionality, leads to 85-90% student adoption in the first year of implementation - creating a robust stream of data on students’ future academic needs.

Equipped with these versatile solutions, The University of Oklahoma will be focused on enhancing internal workflows, student/advisor engagement, and student success with the goal of embedding Stellic in the student experience as part of their educational journey.

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