University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee partners with Stellic to streamline degree audit, planning, and registration

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has selected Stellic to unify degree audit, planning, and registration processes across campus. Operating under a single source of truth will give advisors, faculty, and staff the resources and data they need to deliver a further enriching student and advising experience.

With 15 different schools and colleges, UW-Milwaukee takes pride in the variety of courses they offer. Over time, that variety fractured degree structures across the institution, with each college designing unique requirements that made clearing students for graduation difficult. UW-Milwaukee was searching for a solution that presented degree requirements clearly and uniformly across majors to ensure students knew exactly which courses to take in order to graduate on time. 

With Stellic, UW-Milwaukee students will be able to map out their journey with requirements and deadlines clearly displayed through a clean, intuitive interface. If students are considering multiple majors, Stellic will give them the autonomy to design and compare plans, or explore sub-plans within a major before registering for classes. Because advisors can see these tentative plans in real-time, they can have in-depth, informed conversations with their students about where they want to go with their careers and proactively point out interesting opportunities.

Any changes to students’ plans (including exceptions) will automatically flow into Stellic’s degree audit, making it easier for UW-Milwaukee students to visualize their paths to graduation and for advisors to identify and remove bottlenecks to graduation. Advisors will be able to generate reports to see which students are veering off track and reach out to them directly through the platform. Students can also request meetings with their advisors, further encouraging close advisor-student interaction and collaboration.

On the backend, the Registrar’s Office will benefit from a drag-and-drop audit building system that propagates updates to Stellic’s degree planning and audit tools, limiting student and advisor disruption. Clearing students for graduation will also become quicker while giving staff more bandwidth to fully leverage Stellic’s analytics features to identify future course, section, and faculty needs.

Stellic’s all-in-one solution will streamline registration, degree audit, and degree planning and set UW-Milwaukee up for continued growth with robust reporting tools, paving the way for a more effective and holistic advising experience for each student.

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