University of Wisconsin–Stout adopts Stellic to transform degree planning, audit, and advising across campus

With the goal of providing a seamless degree management experience for students and staff, University of Wisconsin–Stout has chosen Stellic. Moving forward, it will leverage an all-in-one platform to transform the way students plan and track their progress, ultimately improving resource allocation and driving greater student engagement.

With a population of more than 7,200 undergraduate and graduate students, UW–Stout needed a solution that could make degree planning and progress tracking easier. And with a growing array of academic options, tracking key components of the student journey, like certificates and critical milestones, became especially relevant.

Stellic offers all students — undergrad and grad — the tools to conceptualize their degree journey, including major and non-coursework requirements, from start to finish with easy-to-understand degree audit rules. Knowing what’s required, where students stand, and what accomplishments remain allows both students and staff to visualize and understand students' progress toward graduation in real time.

“What is key for me is that Stellic gives students full awareness of degree requirements. And their plans are based on those exact requirements. That integration is so critical.” - Josh Lind, University Registrar, University of Wisconsin-Stout

UW–Stout plans to use Stellic to create a more holistic graduate advising experience. It will enable thoughtful adviser-student communication with async emails and texts. The system will empower students and staff to collaborate on what-if scenarios to maximize their time at UW–Stout. Behind the scenes, advisers can see who is off track, helping them proactively engage with struggling students.

UW–Stout will also be able to get ahead of departmental and student requests with out–of–the–box reporting and workflow capabilities. Staff will be able to forecast course demand and analyze missing requirements based on historical data and students’ degree plans. They can also process any academic anomalies, such as course substitutions, within Stellic, expediting the process and keeping students in the loop.

“The fact that the approval process and processing happen in the same place is mind-blowing. We process literally thousands of substitutions per year. This drags heavily on program directors, program advisors, and our office. Stellic makes it transparent and instantaneous.” - Josh Lind, University Registrar, University of Wisconsin-Stout

By consolidating its previous systems into one unified platform, UW–Stout is primed to revolutionize the student experience. Transforming the way students take ownership over their own progress and planning will further amplify the student-first environment UW–Stout strives to provide.

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