Westminster Theological Seminary adopts next-gen degree audit and analytics to transform resource management

With the goal of strategic resource management catered to student needs, Westminster Theological Seminary is implementing Stellic’s next-generation degree audit and analytics. The platform will provide instant, real-time visibility for students to track their progress and plan their degree, while robust, predictive analytics on students, courses and instructor load will enable leadership to make data-driven decisions on resource planning and management. 

Utilizing data from student degree plans, Stellic will enable Westminster to predict enrollment for upcoming terms and have a better understanding of instructor course load. In turn, their leadership team can schedule courses that ensure students are able to graduate on-time. With this foresight, Westminster will maximize institutional resources while eliminating bottleneck requirements and electives.

Another priority for implementation is to enable close student and advisor collaboration on mapping individual pathways towards graduation. As a smaller institution, Westminster’s faculty work closely together across different departments to serve students and having a central platform for collaboration on student support is key to their goals. Stellic is unique in its ability to provide a comprehensive and intuitively structured degree audit for student, faculty and administrative purposes. The platform is designed with each stakeholder in mind, ensuring high adoption and better experiences.

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