Oakwood University partners with Stellic to support seamless planning and tracking

Oakwood University has partnered with Stellic to give students more visibility and agency into their path to success, while providing advisors with a way to efficiently and effectively help students achieve their academic goals. This decision is the latest step in Oakwood’s journey since its founding in 1896, and is one that will provide modernized student pathways to successful completion.

Recognized as one of the top ranking institutions in several HBCU categories, Oakwood University joins its sister school, Washington Adventist University (which previously partnered with Stellic) in further transforming the student experience with modern degree audit, advising, and planning capabilities.

Stellic will empower Oakwood’s students through increased visibility into tracking, planning, and decision-making in degree pathways. This elevated experience includes an adaptive degree planner for students to visualize their future path or even change course successfully part way through their time at Oakwood, all the while ensuring they understand the impacts of certain decisions on time to completion. It will also include a real-time degree audit that ensures students know exactly what requirements and milestones need to be taken by when in order to stay on track.

This level of seamless progress tracking means cohorts can be successfully managed and supported by institutional staff. Faculty and advisors at Oakwood will be able to collaborate and communicate with students on their upcoming plans directly within the platform. They’ll also stay up to date on where students stand academically through proactive alerts that will inform them if any student is close to completion or at risk of falling behind.

By bringing student-facing technology to their campus, Oakwood University will further amplify their commitment to the student experience. Students will feel empowered to own their success plan while knowing exactly how and when to get the support they need from their advisors, making more meaningful impacts on academic journeys both immediately and for years to come.

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